TYPE: Full time
SALARY: £38,000 – £42,000
REPORTS TO: Head of Production

At the heart of this brand-new role to Kingdom, is helping the Creative Team to each become the best that they can be, by ensuring that they are scheduled on the right filming projects that make the very most of their skills, but importantly allows them to grow.  This role is hugely collaborative and goes far beyond that, by helping our in-house team of Directors, Producers, DOPs and Editors to find training opportunities that enable them to work towards their own goals.  You will also work with other key member of the team to give the brightest and freshest emerging talent, the opportunity to join the Kingdom team and find out just where their skills can take them.

You will love this role if;

  • You have a passion for helping people to become the best that they can be.
  • You enjoy working collaboratively as a key team member within a passionate and ambitions creative environment.
  • You enjoy life to the max when it is organised and has a direction.
  • You prefer watching the dogs play in the office and the crop grow in the fields, rather than the city traffic at a standstill outside.
  • You want to go on a journey with likeminded people and see what we can all achieve together.


Key to the wellbeing of the team and the success of each project, is scheduling.   On each film project we need the right talent, for the right length of time, with the right skills.  The Creative Services Manager will work hand in hand with the Creative Director and the Head of Production to crew shoots, then the Head of Post Production to schedule the best team for the editing, grading and graphics work.

Training Opportunities:
The Creative Services Manager role is all about collaboration, both with the senior team and the core team as they look to further their careers within Kingdom and develop their skills.  You will work closely with the Creative Director and the Head of Post Production to seek out opportunities to grow the team’s skills through training courses, industry events and bringing in specialist talent who can help with key projects and the team can learn from.

We always want to be working with the brightest and freshest emerging talent.  Alongside the wider Creative Team, the Creative Services Manager will look to fill any talent gaps by working with our Marketing Manager who will place recruitment adverts and create a social media campaign.  The Creative Services Manager will shortlist names and then collaborate with department heads to arrange interviews for the very best applicants.  Welcoming in new talent to the Kingdom team will be such a rewarding part of the role.

Please note;

  • You must be able to drive and have your own car.
  • You will need to currently live within a 60 minute commute of SG15 6XP.



We’re a highly ambitious, multiple award winning and fast growing video production agency.  We are proud of what we have achieved and the trusted content partner of global aspirational brands including Hilton Hotels, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, Triumph Motorcycles and Formula 1, to name a few. We offer a combination of film making talent and client care which we believe is unique. 


Our home is a converted barn, a warm and welcoming office environment set in the Bedfordshire countryside where we breathe fresh air as ideas come to life amongst peaceful surroundings and beautiful views.  We have a team of twenty-five passionate and talented film makers, plus two office dogs, to complete the crew.  We go the extra mile to make sure that our team feel appreciated and valued, promoting a happy and productive working environment. 

Our no fear approach allows us to challenge industry norms and to create the best influential and inspiring content. Having the courage to do things differently has set us apart from our competition: our team are 100% in-house, Producers, Editors and Directors.   

The Kingdom core values are agility, value and consistency.  Being in-house help us to be adaptive and reactive, and quickly respond to the needs of our clients.  Offering real value is at our core, we always aim to produce great work that achieves results.  And consistency: We are trusted by highly prestigious leading brands to deliver exceptional every-time, this is what we have become known for and it has always given us our edge. 


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