Under pressure

Broadcast video production requires a highly refined set of filming and storytelling skills. We at Kingdom Creative work particularly well under pressure, and there isn’t pressure quite as hair-raising as filming live from the Formula 1 Pit Lane. The thrill of live production is unparalleled in the video production industry and drives us to perform to an incredibly high standard of quality during these moments. Our years of experience have taught each one of our team members the importance of quick thinking and agile judgments during these live moments. The result is a highly skilled team of exceptionally confident and intuitive professionals.

Practice makes perfect, especially in the world of broadcast video production. We’ve had our fair share of practice too. Alongside our Formula 1 Pit Lane experience, we have also recorded global events such as the 2012 London Olympics and filmed documentaries across Africa and the Arctic. We bring the skills we have developed during each of these high profile projects to every broadcast we complete.

We work hard to understand what you need from a project and work harder to ensure that is exactly what we capture. With our award winning creative flair and experienced team members we are able to instil your ambitions and intentions for a broadcast into every shot we capture. In such a high-pressure environment, our dedication to the client’s brief is fundamental to our work. Each of our projects tells a story and we recognise the skills required to turn a broadcast into a narrative. Our intuition and creative capacity allows us to implement this approach to story even in live broadcasts, an ability we believe sets us apart from other broadcast video production companies.

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