VOILA! The recipe for interactive video success.

Move over, Mary Berry. We’ve been speaking with Steve Poxson (Poxy), Creative Brand Director of WIREWAX, about the recipe for the perfect interactive video. Poxy isn’t much of a baker but he does know good interactivity when he sees it.



A large dose of planning.

Oodles of creativity.

A handful of understanding of what your interactive video needs to achieve.



1) Plan your interactive video. Ask, “What are we trying to achieve? Is it focused on sales, or is it brand storytelling?”

2) Be very clear at the start of the film that it has interactive functionality. Give the viewer an interactive element within the first couple of seconds.

3) Limit your branch options (that’s the term for when you give the viewer a choice) to two or three at a time. Any more than that is too much for a human to process enjoyably.

4) Give the viewer a bit of time. Where you want them to interact, try letting shots run a little longer. Three seconds or more is the most successful as it allows the user to move their mouse/hand and click/touch.


The proof is in the pudding, so measure your success.

While Mary Berry might look for light, fluffy and moist, the key performance indicators for interactive video are: 

1) Percentage of your audience who interacted. In other words, of those that saw the video, how many used the interactivity. The industry norm is 1.53% (source: Google Benchmarks).

2) Overlay dwell time. Or, to put it another way, how long has someone spent on the content? The Industry norm is 14.8 seconds (source: IAB).

3) Interactions per active viewer. So, how many times did a person click or touch the interactive elements? We don’t have an industry norm for this yet, sorry.


Voila! The recipe to a winning interactive video. Piece of cake.


During our chat, Poxy said this about Kingdom Creative*,

“The fact Kingdom Creative can come up with the creative concept, shoot the video and then make it interactive is a powerful offering. If the process is done with a clear creative direction with one team, under one agency roof, from start to finish, it saves time, budget and will result in more engaging content.”

*we didn’t force him or pay him. He meant it.


If we’ve whet your appetite for interactive video, head to WIREWAX for inspiration and watch this quick video for examples. Then give Kingdom Creative a shout. Let’s get cooking.