We're Ready - Pressing Play on Your Next Campaign

At Kingdom, we’ve never been more ready to engage your fans, recapture the buzz and press play on your next campaign. The health of our clients and team members is of the utmost importance to us, so we’ve adopted new COVID-safe working practices to ensure that you have complete peace of mind for getting back to filming with us. 

Here’s a brief overview of the things we’ve put in place:


  • We use all our own equipment – no hired in kit
  • We will clean and disinfect kit before each shoot and quarantine kit for a minimum of 72 hours post-shoot.
  • Camera operators will only touch and operate equipment assigned to them and lighting will be placed by a single designated crew member.


  • Crews will be restricted to a minimum number possible.
  • Minimum 2 metre distance between all crew and cast, clients and any talent.
  • Crew members will wear face masks at all times and will have their own hand sanitiser.
  • Clients able to attend the shoot virtually in order to maximise safety and involvement
  • Any interviews will be captured at a minimum 2 metre minimum distance and use a boom microphone to avoid contact from mic’ing up. Crew will never need to touch cast / client / talent.
  • All on-site content will be edited by a single crew member and delivered to the client digitally. No physical media contact will be allowed.
  • All jobs will be crewed with our specialist in-house team enabling us to track all movements and points of contact.


  • Client edits can be undertaken remotely 
  • Each editor is assigned their own suite 
  • We can edit and produce content without coming into contact with another person. 


Thanks to our countryside office set up, there’s not a tube station in sight. We’ve also put together a film explaining the changes we’ve made to our working environment below. Check it out!

But that’s not all, we’ve spent the last 8 weeks planning how to get you ready too. We’ve been creating powerful content for our clients throughout lockdown to build, and maintain, the buzz. We’ve been keeping up to speed with the latest consumer trends and our agile, efficient approach means we can keep costs down when your marketing budgets are hurting.

Here are some of the common questions we’ve been asked and the solutions we are providing in the current environment: 


How can filming be done while social distancing?
Although the new social distancing regulations mean doing things differently, we’ve been working to ensure we are completely prepared to allow you to get back out and shoot safely. We are following government guidelines and our in-house team have all been briefed on our effective procedures which will ensure the safety of everyone involved with the shoot. From selecting locations that allow us the necessary space to the correct PPE and contactless delivery methods, we’ve thought of everything. 

Budgets are tight at the moment – how can Kingdom help?
We realise that the current environment has brought with it challenges to marketing and communications teams in many areas. With our agile in-house team we can provide a solution that not only works for your budget, but also gives you the very best results.

How can we work together effectively while under lockdown restrictions?
We’ve been working remotely since before restrictions were put in place and we’ve established a seamless workflow that allows regular communication and interaction through video calls, screen sharing and live video links. 

How can I capture my audience’s imagination while live events and sports events are on hold?
We’ve already been producing alternative content for our clients who want to create virtual events and launches while social restrictions are in place – just speak to us to find out more!

What do my consumers want to hear from me right now? 
As well as preparing for the logistical sides of filming, we’ve also spent a lot of time researching industry trends and tailoring our content messaging to be appropriate for our clients’ audiences right now. We can help you achieve the right tone and the right message for your video communication.