Kingdom Insights 8: Good Ideas Aren't Just For Christmas


It’s Christmas Advert season, AND it’s (usually) industry awards season, which gave us an idea: Christmas Advert Awards. We’ve searched the internet to bring you seven weird and wonderful festive ads, some that you might not have seen yet. Good ideas aren’t just for Christmas. We ask you, as you plan for 2021, how can these campaigns inspire your future video content?

So why not get comfy, make yourself a drink and enjoy, as we bring you the inaugural, (and very unofficial) Kingdom Creative Christmas Advert Awards. 



Zalando – We Will Hug Again

As Zalando, an online clothing retailer says itself, “This holiday season, we bring the world closer together by celebrating human connection. Nobody really understood the power of a simple embrace until it was taken from us. In this evocative campaign we embrace the past and look to the future, celebrating the hug as a universal symbol of human connection and celebrate it as a symbol of hope, optimism and solidarity. We will hug again.” 

Missing human connection is something we are all going through. The advert is impeccably executed: from the music, to the words, to the filming. Zalando has added a magic ingredient too: HOPE. 



Burberry – Singing in the Rain

The fashion house’s distinctive urban edginess is front and centre of its 2020 advert. Set to a remake of Gene Kelly’s Singing in the Rain, four people dance in a (VFX) hailstorm on London’s Petticoat Lane. The dancers are dressed head to toe in iconic Burberry tartan and tweed. Showing your product in your marketing is a must: you just need to make sure the video feels like a story not a sales pitch.

The impossibly giant VFX hailstones work brilliantly with the real streets of London. It’s realistic enough to be captivating, but ridiculous enough to be fun.



Barbour – Father Christmas to the Rescue

It’s the second year running that Barbour’s Christmas ad is in the style of the iconic book, Father Christmas, written and illustrated by Raymond Briggs. 

Based on a true story of a dog that chewed his owner’s much-adored Barbour jacket, a boy writes to Father Christmas to say that he doesn’t want a present this year. Instead, he needs help to repair his father’s jacket. Father Christmas realises he can’t mend the jacket himself so takes it to the Barbour factory in South Shields. The Barbour customer service team repairs the coat and gives it a rewax, so it looks as good as new.

For brands with hefty heritage and customer loyalty that spans generations, it’s essential to stay relevant. Barbour’s Christmas ad does this by focusing on its faultless customer service, quality products, British factory and brand loyalty: things that will never go out of fashion.



Boots – What the World Needs Now

In this film, baby wipes, hairbrushes, toothpaste and other consumer goods sing a rendition of What the World Needs Now is Love by Dionne Warwick. They are personified by simple animated faces, overlayed onto the footage.

Importantly, Boots haven’t forgotten to make it meaningful. The video ends by explaining that millions of people in the UK can’t afford hygiene essentials. So, this year, Boots are donating £1 million worth of products to help fight hygiene poverty. 

It seems the creative concept and the charitable purpose were aligned from the start, and it shows: seamless. 



Coca-Cola – This Christmas, Give Something Only You Can Give

Sit down to watch a father battle the elements – Bear Grylls-style, to get his daughter’s letter to Santa. 

Beautifully shot, the fast-paced sequence builds until the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck calms everything down and *spoiler alert* delivers the little girl’s Christmas wish. At Kingdom Creative, we love the winning combination of action-and-adventure and the importance of being with family. 



Sainsbury’s –  Gravy Song

The stand-out thing about the production of this video is the use of ‘home footage’ and camera stills. Of course, it’s not home footage at all, but it’s shot and edited for the viewer to believe they are getting an insight into a genuine family. Adding the ‘real’ phone conversation and the humour of a family song gives the whole film a warm, relatable vibe. People like to buy from brands that have the same values as them: Sainsbury’s you have certainly ticked that box. 



John Lewis and Waitrose – Give a Little Love

Surely no Christmas advert round-up is complete without mentioning John Lewis. This two-minute feast for the eyes is a collage of moving art – from animation and claymation to CGI and cinematography. John Lewis and Waitrose have forsaken their quintessential cinematic, sentimental story, for a hotchpotch of nine vignettes by eight different artists, all linked with the message of giving love to those around you. The film ties in with the wider work being carried out by John Lewis and Waitrose, as they attempt to raise £4 million for charities.

We’re not sure it connects with the viewer as well as many other 2020 ads, but we admire the bravery to let creativity rule. 

That’s a wrap. We hope you enjoyed the very first Kingdom Creative Christmas Advert Awards.

It’s been one heck of a year, so using video for storytelling is more important than ever. As you will have noticed, the themes of kindness, family and togetherness are in all of this year’s set of Christmas ads. It’s no surprise that brands are making their messages meaningful. Research shows that 40% of consumers are purpose-driven, meaning they seek products and services that align with their values. (Source: IBM)

Before you go, our question to you is, how can you take inspiration from these Christmas adverts? Thinking ahead to 2021, how can Kingdom Creative help you talk to your audience through meaningful video? It’s never too early to start planning. 

Valentine’s day. The clocks going forward. The start of spring? First time riding a bike. The feeling of the unknown when you retire. A first driving lesson. A last goodbye.

There are endless opportunities to use real-world moments from outside of your brand, to let your viewers know they can trust you. Good ideas aren’t just for Christmas. Get in touch if you would like to chat about good ideas for 2021.  

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