Kingdom Insights 7: Regaining Traction with Consumers


With short term purchase intent to buy a new car dropping by as much as 40% in the UK as a result of the pandemic, we’re looking at how car manufacturers can build desire with customers. 

Trust can carry brands through good times and bad

According to Kantar’s latest study, trust remains the foundation of all brands and can be built in two key ways: First, proven expertise – the knowledge that a brand will ‘do it well’, reliably and consistently over time. Second, corporate responsibility – the business behind the brand and its policies.

Consider weaving these messages into your marketing strategy. Here’s an example of a trust-building brand video we created for Capita:

Consumers are increasingly purpose-driven

According to IBM, 40% of all consumers are now purpose-driven, meaning that they seek products and services that align with their values.

57% consumers are willing to change their purchase decisions to help reduce impact on the environment in IBMs report, further strengthening the position of electric mobility options.

Toyota is one of the most trusted brands in the world according to Kantar thanks to their continued sustainability mission. 

We created this piece of compelling video content for Porsche to bring to life their new, electric Taycan and drive desire with prospects and build awareness of their mission.

Stand out from the crowd with visual storytelling

Getty’s global study shows that visual storytelling builds trust, transparency and tolerance with consumers to drive purchases. The study found that more than ever, consumers expect advertising to be representative of themselves and the world around them and expect highly visual, impactful and exciting visual content. 

Case study: Creating visual impact with Hilton.

We work with clients to create impactful, authentic stories that tap into their brand values and reflect the ‘realness’ of their audience. Check out this example for Hilton which won an award at the World Film Festival in Milan:

At Kingdom we’re creators of serious impact. We quickly and effectively tap into the mindset of your audience and create video content that counts.

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