How To Create A Strong CTA In Video Marketing

The first few seconds of a video are renowned for their importance to grab your audience’s attention, but could it be that the last few seconds are just as crucial for video marketing success?

By the time someone has arrived at the very end of your video, they’ve clearly shown that they’re interested in what you have to say. They wouldn’t be there otherwise. So now it’s time to tell them what you’d like them to do next. A call to action (CTA) is the action you want your audience to take. It could be a website visit, a download, engagement with your content, direct contact or an all-important purchase.

If your ultimate goal is for your audience to connect or engage with your content on social media, then make sure you give them a reason to do so. Ask a question to invite a response from your audience using a dedicated hashtag or encourage engagement and shares with incentives such as a give-away. Alternatively, a subscribe or a sign up CTA can be included to open up the opportunity for you to reach your audience with content marketing in the future.

If your viewers are watching your video content on YouTube or other social media platforms, but your ideal action is not social engagement, then it could be beneficial to direct viewers away from the busy social media environment to your own landing page via a website link. Once you’ve removed the many distractions that lurk on social media, then your audience may be more receptive to learning more or moving on to the contact or purchase phase.

If your viewer is watching your video on your website, you might choose to incorporate a contact form in your landing page design that is visible alongside your video content to serve as a constant reminder of the next available step that you would like them to take.

By including a CTA that suggests more video content that might be of interest, you can attempt to lead your audience along a tailored content journey which could include individual landing pages, each with their own key message. If your viewer is still undecided, this gives you another chance to convince them!

There are many ways to visually display your CTA within your video content to remain consistent with your brand identity but make a strong impact at the same time. The Kingdom team are experts in creating successful video marketing content and we’re happy to advise you on which CTA to choose and how best to feature your CTA in your content for optimum results.

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