A Guide To Filming In London

Filming In London

London is one of the most desirable filming locations in the world, and understandably so with a diverse architecturally offering, iconic cityscapes and contrasting riverside and park views. However, filming in London does tend to present filmmakers with a few logistical hurdles. We believe that the key is in the detail, and the Kingdom crew put this theory to the test in our largest ever London shoot for Porsche.  

In this film we see nine-time Formula One Grand Prix winner and FIA World Endurance Champion, Mark Webber, take the Porsche 919 Hybrid alongside the Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid from the race-track to the road in one of the most unique cities in the world. This incredible film certainly provided the Kingdom crew with a few challenges that would need to be solved before we were able to drive the most complex race car Porsche have ever built through the streets of London, mid-week, in rush hour. 

So with that in mind, here’s our guide to successfully filming in London. 



London offers a vast selection of stunningly beautiful backdrops to pick from, but it’s important to bear in mind the practicality of each location to ensure accessibility. Even at this early stage, it’s worth considering your filming schedule as certain locations may become unusable during specific times of the day or night. 

Our talented producers work closely with experienced location scouts to ensure the perfect locations are lined up with our client’s film objectives. We completed multiple recce missions ahead of this film, driving the same route we had planned for the Porsche Hybrids to ensure we knew the journey inside out and were aware of any possible surprises that might be thrown our way during filming.  



When filming in London, it’s likely that you’ll need permission from the individual borough who is responsible for the streets, estates, commons, town halls, schools, shopping centres and leisure centres. Each borough of London has their very own Borough Film Service which should be your first point of call for on-street filming.  If you are looking to use private land such as the Royal Parks, Trafalgar Square or the London Underground then you will need to seek permission directly from the relevant agency. 

Filmakers who wish to film on the roads will need to liaise with the Transport for London Streets Traffic Control Centre to either obtain a notice of no objection or a permit ahead of filming.

Our production team are highly experienced at working with local authorities to ensure that all required permissions are obtained prior to filming. Here, we worked with Film London to coordinate all the public and private permissions required for our project ahead of time.



For this film it was imperative that the 919 Hybrid, a sports-prototype racing car, experienced a smooth and uninterrupted journey. The exact route was carefully planned and in some places measured with precision by the hands of our production team to ensure that the high performance vehicles could achieve each twist and turn.

Leading up to the shoot, we worked closely with the Porsche Motorsport team, providing them with GoPro footage of the route recorded during our various rehearsal journeys.  

Our producers began to coordinate with the Metropolitan Police Service months before the shoot date to arrange a full MET Police escort through the iconic London roads that were to remain open throughout.


Watch our epic journey through London in the full film below.


Our producers are here to ensure that every detail of your film shoot is taken care of for you before we start filming and that things continue to run like clockwork once we arrive on-site. If you would like any additional information contact us today.