10 top tips on how video can help your business grow

Developing your business is an exciting challenge that requires you to use the best tools and people to see your vision take shape. You have to engage with as many potential customers as possible. The most popular way to get your message across effectively is through video. We have created 10 top reasons why you should use video to help grow your business. If what you read interests you then please give me a call as I would love to tell you more, Simon Harrison, Managing Director Kingdom Creative.

1 – A video is the quickest way to deliver your message.

2 – Video is the most effective form of content that you can have on your website. A video inspires, motivates and informs, it is so much more powerful than text, or images.

3 – People remember information better if they are engaged and video is the most engaging way of getting your message across.

4 – Video can relay your company’s personality in a way that images can’t. A video can also show the personality of your staff. People like to deal with people they understand and trust, videos can help with this.

5 – Having video on your website improves search engine optimisation. Google owns YouTube and websites with video are rewarded with a higher search result.

6 – Producing videos allows you to start a YouTube channel which further improves your website’s search engine optimisation as YouTube results appear in a Google search.

7 – On websites with video, visitors stay longer as the user experience is significantly improved. The longer people stay on your website the higher it will rank on Google.

8 – Creating videos not only gives you content for your website, but the same content can be used on social media. Your videos could be shared far and wide if the content is good, this will reach new potential customers.

9 – Different versions of the same video content can be edited for different platforms, we can guide you as to what works best.

10 – Not all companies have the vision, or the creativity to produce videos. By talking the plunge you will stand out from the crowd and we can help you by understanding your brand, your aims and creating videos that achieve your goals.

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