Kingdom Creative – Spirit of the Ride

The goal of this film was to capture scenes of a Triumph motorbike being ridden on the limit around Cadwell Park Racing Circuit. This presented various challenges, specifically tracking at high speeds. One of our tracking set-ups involves a camera operator filming from the boot of a tracking vehicle, using a DJI Ronin to stabilise the shot. We realised for this shoot that we would need something that could handle the g-force of tracking at speed.

For this reason we turned to the Movi-Pro by Freefly. With powerful motors and built-in GPS, the Movi-Pro is able to maintain a straight horizon, even at high speeds. Coupled with our Red Epic-W and DJI Remote Focus, we were able to capture some dynamic and exciting track action. 

The use of this specialised equipment and our extensive knowledge of on-track filmmaking enabled us to capture everything we needed within the space of two hours. At Kingdom we love mixing things up and shooting something a little different. We believe we achieved our goal of creating a motorbike film of a bike on the limit.

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