Affinity for horses

They say never work with children or animals, but we at Kingdom have a bit of an affinity for horses. Equestrian video production is always a privilege - to film top horses competing or training is a thrill to capture, a feeling that is often purveyed in our footage. We strive to present a narrative in each of our productions, and often it is the bond between rider and horse that shines through on film. We understand the emotional power of such a story and utilise the breathtaking expressions of trust and companionship that pervade each shot to demonstrate the grace of equestrian sport.

Our biggest strength is our ability to listen to your needs and understand the story you want to tell. We take your ethos, ambitions, and intentions and transform them into visually effective, dynamic demonstrations of your company. There’s no better field for such dynamism than that of equestrian video production. Whether you’re charging over fields or simply grooming, we tailor each shot to match your specifications and our expertise.

Our award winning team comprises years of experience and dedication to delivering powerfully expressive video content. This simple ethos of high quality, efficient, and client-centric extends to our equestrian video production skillset. Experience is a necessity in the highly nuanced process of equestrian filming, and our years of equestrian projects are testament to our established drive for practicality and creativity. Such work requires a keen eye, an in-depth understanding of atmosphere, and a passion for the grace and elegance of horses. Our passion allows us an unparalleled approach to equestrian projects that emphasises the incredible stories waiting to be told.

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